Adoption Process & Forms
PLEASE refer to the "Contact Us" tab prior to completing these documents. You must have a confirmed appointment prior to viewing one of our adoptees.  We will be asking you to complete "three" forms when adopting one of our pets - Adoption Application, Contract & Release.  We feel it is important to make sure our pets are adopted to responsible and loving owners who will take good care of them now and in the future.  We ask that you complete the forms, providing as much information as you can, and then bring them with you to your appointment. Doing this will allow you to spend more time meeting with your future pet.  

Adoption Fees*:
Dogs (over 6 months and 20 pounds and over) - $190.00
Small Dogs (over 6 months and under 20 pounds) - $285.00
Puppies (6 months and under) - $350.00  
Cats (over 6 months) - $120.00
Kittens (6 months and under) - $150.00  
(Add $75 if cat has been declawed through Jewell Animal Hospital)

Included in our adoption fees are:
- Spay/Neuter (if not of age at time of adoption, then a follow up appointment will be scheduled).
- Microchip
- Vaccinations up to release date

Adoption fees do NOT include the mandatory purchase of six months of heartworm prevention for adult dogs. 

Puppy adopters are required to purchase a minimum of one month of heartworm prevention.

We are an animal hospital and we take
pride in making sure our animals get the best of care prior to adoption.

*Adoption fees can vary based on multiple factors so please treat the above list as simply a guide. Some desirable breeds may be the higher adoption fee.