Contact Us!
We are located in Jewell Animal Hospital, 6400 Chippewa Street, St. Louis, MO.  You will need to email us at to schedule an appointment.  You must have a confirmed email appointment BACK from our adoption coordinator (Olivia) to view our pets as we do not have a walk though facility to view multiple animals at a time.

Our adoption appointments are scheduled for 1 hour (on the top of the hour).  It does help if you can complete all paperwork prior to your confirmed appointment (E-MAIL OUR ADOPTION COORDINATOR FOR THE PAPERWORK) so that you can have quality time with the pet you are choosing to adopt.  We want to make sure that we adopt as many of our pets to loving homes while providing a complete and fair process to all potential adoptees.  We adopt our pets by our first confirmed appointment times with application approval by our adoption coordinator.  It is important that we adopt our pets to responsible pet owners who will agree to the long term healthcare of our pets.