Judy's Forgotten Jewells is a licensed Non-Profit No Kill Animal Rescue Group. It was founded by Patricia L. Smith DVM in 2009 in honor of her mother's childhood dog "Judy Dog" and Jewell Animal Hospital. Dr. Smith believes that ALL animals deserve quality pet care and a caring home. The rescue is supported by volunteers, the Jewell Animal Hospital staff, and pet passionate people in our community who donate money and supples. The rescue does not receive any funding from large corporation or private foundations.  We do charge an adoption fee which helps cover only a fraction of what it costs to spay/neuter, vaccinate, implant and activate a microchip, feed our animals and also provide any medical treatment prior to adoption.

Judy's Forgotten Jewells does not specialize in any one type or breed of dog or cat. The elderly, sick, pregnant, or soon to be euthanized animals are the ones we provide a sanctuary for. Animals deemed "unadoptable" due to a medical or behavior issue by other institutions find hope with us. The animals with us have no time limit on how long they can stay. They are part of our family until they find their next home. The ultimate goal is to provide quality medical and emotional care before finding a loving and permanent home; then, space can open up for other animals to be rescued and given the same opportunity for a second chance. Judy's Forgotten Jewells is about finding the animals that are the diamonds in the rough and polishing them up with love and care until the perfect match is found with a new family.

Pet Adoption