Frequently Asked questions


Are your puppies/kittens spayed or neutered before adoption?

 They are not. We wait to spay and neuter our puppies and kittens until they are around 16-20 weeks of age. This procedure is included in the adoption fee and is completed by our trusted medical team at Jewell Animal Hospital. 

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What is included in the adoption fee?

 All of our adoption fees include vaccines up to the point of adoption, spay/neuter, microchip, and de-worming. Vaccines and medical care that are needed after the point of adoption are not included unless otherwise specified. 

Why is a kitten/cat listed as declawed when it is not?


 We list all of our kittens as "declawed" to show that we offer the procedure through Jewell Animal Hospital. Furthermore, we do not automatically declaw every kitten or cat. We do so at the request of the adopter, and for an additional fee of $100. 

You are a rescue, why do you offer declawing?


We offer declawing to our adopters because we find that if an adopter wants to have their cat declawed, they are going to have the procedure done. Many veterinarians in the greater Saint Louis area offer this procedure, and we would rather this procedure be done at our facility with our doctor and trusted medical team. 

Do you adopt out of state?

 We do! However, we do not offer shipping and we do require that an adopter meet with their animal prior to adopting. Therefore, you must be able to come to our facility to adopt. Please note that puppies and kittens need to be brought back to our facility to be spayed or neutered. You can have the procedure done out of state, but we will not reimburse you or adjust your adoption fee, and we do require proof that the procedure was completed.  

Do you have a walk-through facility?

 We do not, we ask that you contact our Adoption Coordinator to set up an appointment. (At this time, all of the communication for our rescue is done through e-mail:  

We ask that you choose two animals to meet with when scheduling your appointment. Thank you for your cooperation!